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The basic concept of any economic strategy is systematic development of economic infrastructure entrusted to you object to in the course of the game is to constantly grow qualitatively and quantitatively , and bring the owner the maximum profit. Given that production planning and careful financial calculations it is very troublesome and not everyone afford it , it becomes clear that the economic strategy of the game is not very popular among the broad masses of gaming . Most of the players still prefer to shoot at anything that moves , or drive with blinding speed on steep racetracks . But , nonetheless , fans of such games do exist. If you do not like games with restrictions on the passage of time , if you do not like the mindless " mochilovo ," and you prefer to while away the evening at the computer in a relaxed, unhurried contemplation disposing to environment , the economic strategy of the game is exactly what you need. In this category can be found if desired games differ substantially from each other on the subject and the level of complexity in spite of the fact that their base is the same diagram . If you are not currently positioned to produce complex economic calculations , set yourself a simple and entertaining game in which you can do your business in a cute little cafe on a rural farm or in a cozy resort. These games do not require the player to special mental effort , they are more entertaining than logical . Bright beautiful graphics, amusing characters , lively music and a dose of humor in the gameplay are the main distinguishing features of this type of games . For gamers on a grand scale , serious and substantive , created global economic strategy , in which the player is entrusted with the fate of the city, the country , and sometimes an entire civilization . In games like this on the shoulders of gamers go to the weight of various duties and incessant worries. Starting from scratch , it is a long way of development of production of construction of the first primitive object up to the creation of a highly developed , well -functioning , high-tech facility - whether it's port , factory or agricultural company . Of course , this would require a lot of time , because in the course of the game will need to calculate all of their moves , follow the machinations of rivals constantly monitor income and expenses include only the most profitable contracts and to find creative solutions to the emerging player of economic problems. But if persevere and wit , all your efforts will be rewarded , and you will become the owner of an exemplary - indicative , highly profitable production.

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